------ Recent Developments in Strings and Fields: In Memory of Bunji Sakita ------



Komaba particle theory group of the University of Tokyo will host a workshop Komaba2003 as one in the series held at Komaba every few years (the last one was Komaba2000). This time the workshop will in part be dedicated to the memory of Prof. Bunji Sakita (formerly at the City College of New York), who passed away in the summer of 2002.

The aim of the workshop is to review and discuss recent developments in particle physics, in particular those in field theory and string theory, and explore possible future directions. This will serve at the same time to recall many influential and memorable contributions made by Bunji Sakita in these areas.

Tentative invited speakers are
The program will be uploaded when it gets fixed in November. All the talks are provided in English.

We only have a limited support from the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, which will be allocated to the invited speakers from abroad. Consequently financial support for participants will unfortunately be unavailable. Nevertheless, we organizers hope that many people, young and old, will participate with enthusiasm to discuss forefront issues in particle theory as well as to recollect the great achievements of Bunji Sakita.
To participate in the workshop, please send the following information to our secretary, izumi@hep1.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp , no later than the 20th of November.

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Organizers:  K. Hashimoto, A. Kato (Math. Sci.), M. Kato, Y. Kazama, T. Yoneya (chief)
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