"Tailoring Three-Point Functions and Integrability I, II, III"

In these lectures we will review recent progress in computing
three-point functions (or structure constants, or OPE coefficients) in
AdS/CFT using Integrability. We will focus mostly on weak coupling.
The most relevant references are 1207.2562, 1205.5288, 1205.4412,
1111.2349, 1111.4663, 1104.5501, 1012.2475. If time permits, we will
also discuss the state of the art at strong coupling (with less
details). Some important references at strong coupling are 1008.1059,
1008.1070, 1109.6262, 1110.3949, 1206.3129, 1208.4548. At the end we
shall comment on the common structures at weak and strong coupling and
summarize some of the most important open problems in this subject.