Several directions about Tatsuokamon Annex

  1. The front is open only from 9:00 to 17:30, from Monday through Saturday. When you enter the building after 17:30 or closing days, you have to use your card-key as the entrance door is locked. You will find a code plate near the door to your left. Insert the card key and remove it quickly. Make sure that green light has flashed.
  2. This card-key is served for the entrance door, the corridor door and your room.
  3. When you enter the room, insert it in the box to your right. When you go out the room, do not forget to carry your key with you, or you will be locked out from the room. If you are locked out the room, walk down to the first floor and find a code plate near the door and push 701 plus call button and tell your room number and your name for help.

  4. If you have lost or broken your card-key and you can not enter the building(during closing hours), push 701 plus call button as well.
  5. When you enter your room, you are strongly advised to read a blue file put on the small table.
  6. In order to use a telephone in your room, you have to get a card beforehand at the front. A telephone just in front of the entrance door is for internal call use only (inside Tokyo University). If you need to call anyone in Komaba campus, push 93-2xxxx, where xxxx are the last 4 digits of *office phone number. A green telephone beside it is ordinary public phone.
  7. In the bath room, there are two faucets for hot and cold water. In order to get hot water, open the pink faucet and wait one minute till water becomes hot. The temperature is set for about 41C. If you want to change the temperature, a control board is near the bath room door to your left.
  8. Restaurant is open from Monday through Friday, 7:30 am. through 5:00 pm..
  9. You have to check out before 10:00 am. If no one is at the front, just put your card-key in the return box near the front.

*Office phone number: T. Yoneya 46516, Y. Kazama 46520, M. Kato 46527