How to get to the Komaba campus, Univ. of Tokyo, from Narita Airport

  1. -When you have cleared the custom at Narita (Tokyo International Airport) take the escalator down to the train station just underneath. You are recommended to take "Keisei Skyliner" (limited express) among other options, as it is the fastest, the simplest and the most economical way to reach Tokyo. It runs about every 20 minutes. At the ticket counter, ask for a Skyliner ticket to "Nippori" station. The fare is a bit less than 2000 yen. All the seats are reserved and you can specify a "smoking" or "non-smoking" seat. Be aware that Nippori station is not the terminal station. It is the one before the last stop "Ueno". (There will be an English announcement as the train nears Nippori.) A lot of passengers make a transfer at Nippori.
  2. -At Nippori station, follow the fellow passengers (up the staircase) to the gate for transfer to "JR Yamanote-line". Before going through the gate, you need to buy a 190 yen ticket to "Shibuya". Take the "Yamanote-line" (trains with a light-green line on the side, which circle around downtown Tokyo) in the direction Ueno, Tokyo, Shinagawa. (If you happen to get on the one going in the opposite direction, i.e. direction Ikebukuro, don't panic and just stay on. It takes a bit longer but it does arrive at Shibuya from the opposite direction.) The journey from Nippori to Shibuya takes about 20 to 25 minutes.
  3. -At Shibuya station, look for a sign for "Inokashira-line" and get to the terminal. Buy a ticket of 120 yen at the ticket-machine, and take a "local" train which normally, but not always, leaves from the platform to your left (platform #1). Do not take the "express" train. Check the electronic departure-information board.
  4. -You are advised to take the foremost car (the farthest from the entrance) in order to go out from the right exit at Komaba-Todaimae station, which is the second stop from Shibuya Station.
  5. -At Komaba station, go out from the west exit (the one right in front of you if you are in the front car ). Turn right, walk underneath the railway. A tiny gate (our back door) of the Komaba campus should be seen in front of you.
  6. -To come to our building, refer to the map of our campus. (Actually, you do not need a map. As you follow the narrow path from our back gate, you will see a tall building complex behind the tennis court. That's where we are. )